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Automotive Gear Oils

MAHATHOL AUTO GEAR 90 / 140 EP Oils are formulated from highly refined base and selected extreme pressure additives and suitable anti-oxidants. These Oils also have excellent anti-wear and anti-rust properties. MAHATHOL AUTO GEAR 90 /140 EP Oils are recommended for hypoid, spiral bevel or worm gear transmission; differential gears of cars, trucks, busses requiring EP type lubrication. They are also suitable for meachanical transmission and drive axles operating under severe heavy duty.

Established in 1969, MAHATHA PETROLEUM PRIVATE LIMITED (formerly MAHATHA PETROCHEMICALS) the best engine oil manufacturer, has been a pioneer in petroleum processing and product improvement. Founded via the esteemed Petroleum Technologist, Late Sri K.S. Ananthanarayanan, the organization boasts a legacy of innovation and expertise. As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company authorized by using BVCI with UKAS Accreditation, we adhere to the stringent standards. Our base oils are sourced from official refineries and Government oil companies, while additives, manner raw substances, and treatment chemical substances are procured from ISO-licensed companies. Our Quality Assurance Plan is a vital aspect of our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. It is meticulously implemented by our gear oil suppliers, to ensure non-stop development in product quality and customer satisfaction.

MAHATHOL AUTO GEAR 90 / 140 EP (Automotive Gear Oils)

Mahathol AUTO GEAR 90/140 EP Oils represent the pinnacle of automotive gear oil generation, designed to fulfill the rigorous demands of modern vehicles' transmission and differential systems. Crafted from highly refined base oils and fortified with cautiously selected extreme pressure additives, these oils ensure optimal performance and safety in a wide range of working conditions.

One of the main features of Mahathol AUTO GEAR 90/140 EP Oils is their exceptional anti wear properties. The specialized additive package forms a protective barrier on gear surfaces, minimizing friction and wear, thus extending the service life of transmission and differential components. This not only extends durability however promotes smoother gear shifting and quieter operation, enhancing the overall driving experience. As one of the best engine oil manufacturers in Chennai we provide quality with customer satisfaction in mind.