General Purpose Oil

MAHATHOL LUBE 32/46/68/100/150/220/320/460


MAHATHOL LUBE Oils are highly refined straight mineral Oils fortified with anti-oxidant anti-wear and corrosion inhibitor additives. These Oils posses low carbon forming tendencies and natural detergent properties.
MAHATHOL LUBE Oils are recommended for lubrication of slow and medium speed stationery diesel engines where operating conditions do not require a detergent. These Oils are also found to give satisfactory performance in the lubrication of reciprocating and vane type air compressors.

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MAHATHOL HYDRO 32/46/68/100/150/220/320/460


MAHATHOL HYDRO Oils are blended from highly refined chemically stable base stocks incorporated with special anti-oxidant, anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-foam additives. These Oils are anti-wear type for hydraulic and circulating systems formulated for efficient lubrication of a wide variety of Industrial and automotive equipments.
MAHATHOL HYDRO Oils are recommended as fluid media for Hydraulic Systems and Hydraulic Pumps even under high pressure and high speed operating conditions in stationary and mobile equipments. These Oils are also recommended for circulation, splash, bath and ring oiling systems of the bearing both plain and anti-wear type, valves, cylinders, pistons and gears of hydraulic machinery that require a long life lubricant. They can be used for chain drives and compressor crank case lubrication. Their chemical stability ensures long trouble-free service life.
MAHATHOL HYDRO Oils passes Vickers V-104C Vane Pump Test and meet IS:10522-1983 (Reaffirmed 1993) Specifications.

MAHATHOL HYDRO HLP 32 / 46 / 68 / 100 / 150/ 220


These Oils are premium grade Hydraulic Oils, having outstanding lubricating characteristics with anti-rust, anti-wear properties. These Products show low wear in vane pumpo wear test due to improved lubrication properties and have good filterability.
These Oils are suitable for high pressure hydraulic systems and also for power transmission in systems operating at high speeds, loads and temperatures. These are also suitable for lubrication of pumps and industrial hydraulic machinery machinery operating under heavy loads.
These Oils have very low pour point and are recommended for sophisticated high performance electrohydraulic numerically controlled systems and also for use in screw compressors, particularly in ELGI and ATLAS Cap Co make screw compressors. These Oils have excellent anti-oxidant and demulsibility characteristics.
MAHATHOL HYDRO HLP 32/46/68/100 meet IS:10522-1983 (Reaffirmed 1993) Specifications.

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MAHATHOL TURBINE OILS are manufactured from premium quality highly refined paraffinic base stocks. They have oxidation inhibitors in addition to anti-wear additives and anti-foam additives. They exhibit highest order of oxidation stability and resistance to foaming tendency. These Oils are recommended for lubrication of steam, gas and hydraulic system requiring long life. They are also formulated to meet the requirements of turbines. MAHATHOL TURBINE OILS meet IS-1012/1987 (Reaffirmed 1993) specifications.

MAHATHOL TEXSPIN 2 / 5 / 10 /12 / 15/ 22 / 32


MAHATHOL TEXSPIN Oils are low viscosity lubricants manufactured from highly refined base stocks possessing excellent chemical and oxidation stability. These Oils are fortified further with anti-oxidant, anti-wear, anti-rust and defoaming additives. These Oils are recommended for lubrication of high speed spindles employed in textile mills and machine tools, spindle bearings, timing gears, centrifugal separators, positive displacement blowers and hydraulic systems of high precision machine tools.

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MAHATHOL TEXLUBE 32 / 46 / 68 / 100 / 150 / 220 / 320 / 460


MAHATHOL TEXLUBE Oils are textile mill lubricants having good scourability with superior tackiness characteristics. These Oils provide protection against rust and corrosion and have minimum tendency to drip or form mist.
MAHATHOL TEXLUBE Oils are recommended for lubrication of looms and other textile machinery where a scourable type of oil is preferred. These Oils therefore reduces the possibility of staining the cloth in different stages of cloth manufacturing in textile mills.

MAHATHOL MACHINO 32/46/57/68/100/150/220/320/460


MAHATHOL MACHINO Oils are general purpose machinery Oils specially formulated with anti-rust and good oiliness additives. These Oils have oxidation and chemical stability. Since these Oils have their film forming under light and medium loads they provide protection against corrosion and rust even during the idle periods.
MAHATHOL MACHINO Oils are recommended for all types of industrial machinery using once through lubrication systems. These Oils are also recommended for use in the lubrication systems of machine tools, textile machinery, looms of textile machinery which are lubricated by a thin film of Oil. Heavier grades of these Oils are also used for small open gear systems under light duty conditions

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MAHATHOL GEAR EP 32/46/68/100/150/220/320/460/680

Industrial Gear Oils for Extreme Pressure Applications

MAHATHOL GEAR EP Industrial Oils are manufactured from high quality base stocks fortified with extreme pressure additives, anti-foam, anti-rust and anti-oxidation agents thereby they have excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability. These Oils have phosphorous and sulphur as extreme pressure agents.
MAHATHOL GEAR EP Oils are recommended for all types of enclosed gear drives with circulation or splash lubrication systems. These oils are particulrly recommended for gear sets working under heavy or shock load conditions up to operating temperatures of 80 Deg. C. to 95 Deg. C. for worm gears. These Oils are primarily used for lubrication of gears and extend its application to plain roller bearings and sliding surfaces. They are also suitable for chain drives, sprockets, flexible coupling, plain and rolling element bearings employing splash, circulation or splash lubrication systems.

MAHATHOL COMPRESS 32/46/68/100/150/220/320/460


MAHATHOL COMPRESS Oils are highly refined straight mineral oils, specially developed to provide satisfactory lubrication under prolonged high temperature and load conditions. These Oils have high oxidation stability, low carbon forming tendency and natural detergent properties. These Oils have anti-rust additives and reduces Oil consumption.
MAHATHOL COMPRESS Oils are excellent cylinder lubricants for high performance reciprocating and rotary and compressor piston rings, valve etc. at even high working temperatures.

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vaccum Pump Oil

MAHATHOL vaccum is a vaccum Pump Oil having low vapour pressure and high thermal stability. This vaccum Pump Oil is recommended for high vaccum producing dispersion Pumps

MAHATHOL TOOLWAY 32/46/57/68/100/150/220/320/460


MAHATHOL TOOLWAY Oils are specially developed for lubrication of machine tools slide-ways to eliminate stick-slip and chatter ensuring smooth operation and high precision. These Oils have mild EP, anti-rust and anti-foam additives. The use of special tackiness agent and friction modifier ensure low oil consumption and free operation of slide ways. MAHATHOL TOOLWAY Oils are recommended for slide way lubrication in planers grinders, horizontal boring machines, shapers, jic borers, milling machines and other equipment involving precision work. These are also suitable for lubrication of all types of gears used in machine tools.

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MAHATHOL CYLINDER Oils are processed from highly refined paraffinic base stocks with high viscosity index and fortified with suitable additives for enhancing the oilness and film strength properties of these oils.
They minimise the deposit formation in Oils even at elevated temperatures. Because of their resistance to washing effect of moisture and load carrying ability they are widely used in steam engines operating under wet conditions.
MAHATHOL CYLINDER Oils are also recommended for worm gears; cylinder bearings and lubrications of sugar mill roll bearings. These Oils are used in certain applications as tempering Oils and also for wire drawing purpose with satisfactory results.
MAHATHOL CYLINDER Oils meet the IS-1589/1960 specifications.

MAHATHOL SMR 45 / 90 / 135


MAHATHOL SMR 45 / 90 are Sugar Mill Roll Bearing Oils manufactured from special high viscosity heavy bodied lubricating oil base stocks fortified with special compounding agents containing select non-toxic mild EP additives to ensure efficient lubrication. These Oils prevent wear and corrosion of bearing and have excellent resistance to leakages. MAHATHOL SMR 45 / 90 oilsare also recommended in centralised lubrication systems of slow speed spur and helical gears in certain industries and for open gear lubrication by slush pan method.

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MAHATHOL OG COMPOUND 100/200/400 are open gear compounds heavily bodied, adhesive type black bituminous lubricants, fortified with special tackiness agents which reduces oil consumption. These compounds have good load carrying ability and are recommended for open gear, wire rope and chain drive lubrication.
MAHATHOL OG COMPOUNDS are also used for the lubrication of KILN Tyres operating at high temperatures in cement mills and chemical plants. These compounds are not suitable for food processing industries.



MAHATHOL GRAPHITE OILS are high viscosity lubricating oils having high thermal stability fortified with anti-oxidants and heavy sulphurised compounds. Colloidal graphite remains in suspension in oil medium and protect the expensive tooling from hot billet and to facilitate the flow of billet in to the die without destroying the die. In hot forging process, a hot billet of metal is forced through an open or closed die with the help of forging hammer or press.
MAHATHOL GRAPHITE OILS are most suitable for all types of forging operations and enable easy release of the dies.

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MAHATHOL STEEL ROLL is a superior quality neat rolling oil non-staining type, manufactured from highly refined base stock of the low sulphur base incorporating selected anti-oxidant, anti-wear, as a anti-rust additives. This Oil is especially blended for the cold rolling of alloy steels, Nickel and chromium steels and stainless steel. MAHATHOL STEEL ROLL has excellent cooling ability, oxidation stability, friction reducing characteristics and thus prolong the roll life, achieve better surface finish of steel sheets and reduce power consumption with increased production. MAHATHOL STEEL ROLL is a multipurpose roll Oil which can be used in all types of mills including multiroller mills such as SENDZIMIR and SEUNDWIG where it can be used to lubricate the mill bearings.



MAHATHOL NEEDLE is a light lubricating Oil from highly refined base stock incorporated with suitable additives. They also have thin film forming properties, enabling smooth lubrication without jamming of the machine parts.
MAHATHOL NEEDLE finds extensive use in light and sophisticated machinery parts like sewing machines both house-hold and industrial type, fans, locks, typewriters, bicycles, hand tools and various number of applications and all types of general machienry parts These Oils are non-irritate, non-corrosive and eco-friendly in nature and hences suitble for domestic use also.

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MAHATHOL FREEZE 15/22/32/46/68/100


MAHATHOL FREEZE OILSare highly refined, specially treated straight mineral oils possessing high fluidity at very low temperatures, resist deposit formation and with less foaming tendency. These oils have good oxidation and thermal stability and gives long service life and reduces compressor valve maintenance due to less deposits.
MAHATHOL FREEZE OILS are recommended for a wide range of refrigeration compressors using all conventional refrigerants. These Oils are suitable for both receiprocating as well as rotary compressors. These Oils are designed primarily for lubrication of all refrigerator compressors of open and semi-sealed industrial type. MAHATHOL FREEZE meets IS 4578-1989 specifications.



MAHATHOL TRANSOL EDM Oil is formulated from high paraffinic base stocks having high Viscosity Index. This Oil undergoes repeated treatment and filterations and as a result, the EDM Oil is having high degree of clarity and is totally odourless. Because of the low viscosity of this EDM Oil, settlement of dust, metal particles and carbon becomes easy. MAHATHOL TRANSOL EDM Oil has high fluidity which enables speedy settlement and is user friendly because of its odourless nature, as compared to other petroleum mineral Oils. Usage of this Oil enhances the filter life and also improves the finish and efficiency of the electrodes.

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MAHATHA PETROLEUM PRIVATE LIMITED (also formerly known as MAHATHA PETROCHEMICALS) was founded in 1969 and since then it has been a pioneer in petroleum processing, refining, and innovation of petroleum and petroleum-based products. Over almost 40 years, the enterprise has proven unwavering dedication and a deep understanding of the petroleum industry.

The enterprise's rich history and extensive information in petroleum processing and product improvement have positioned it as the best example in the industry. With many years of experience, MAHATHA PETROLEUM one of the best hydraulic oil suppliers in Chennai continues to excel in refining technologies and advancing new product formulations, placing benchmarks for excellence in the industry.


Choose MAHATHA PETROLEUM for your petroleum and lubricant product needs as we offer several compelling motives. 

A Leader In Petroleum Production

MAHATHA PETROLEUM PRIVATE LIMITED operates with a production capability of about 500 kiloliters per month, equivalent to around 2500 barrels, encompassing a complete working vicinity spanning 25,000 rectangular toes. Our enterprise is situated across 2.5 acres of land with facilities that are specific beneath the "Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises" (MSME) category, reflecting our commitment to fostering growth within the industry. This production potential permits us to fulfill diverse marketplace demands at the same time at the same time maintaining high requirements of quality and reliability.

Enhanced Processing Capabilities On The Company:

The enterprise operates a comprehensive processing plant with various facilities such as Thermax warmness exchanger, filtration methods making use of "Sharples" super centrifuges, and a micron filtration system. Additionally, our transformer oil manufacturers focus on transformer oil processing, ensuring incredible output and efficiency of their operations. This state-of-the-art setup allows us to effectively control various components of oil processing, from mixing to filtration, catering to various industrial requirements.

The processing plant's equipment facilitates specific management of product consistency and quality, which is important in industries for providing subtle oils and lubricants. Integrating superior technology like the Thermax heat exchanger and Sharples Super Centrifuges underscores our commitment to operational excellence and innovation in oil processing. With a focus on performance and reliability, we stand proud for our comprehensive and modern-day technique to oil processing, making sure consumer satisfaction and industry-leading requirements in each batch produced.

Commitment To Quality And Standards In Oil Formulations:

At MAHATHA PETROLEUM, we firmly believe in utilizing exclusively "Virgin Oils" for all our formulations. Each product adheres to the suitable specifications set forth by the esteemed institutions like ASTM, user bodies, and individual OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

The use of virgin oils underscores our commitment to purity and effectiveness in its formulations. This method aligns with industry standards and displays a commitment to environmental duty by using raw materials. Our organization demonstrates its proactive approach to guarantee client satisfaction by way of adhering to the specifications mentioned via main institutions and OEMs. This meticulous interest to detail underscores our role as a trusted provider of reliable and compliant oil formulations.

In addition to stringent adherence to requirements, we emphasize virgin oil's importance to sustainability and conservation. This preference displays a broader commitment to accountable production practices, contributing to a greater environmentally conscious industry. As a result, our clients may be assured that merchandise from our organization not only meets rigorous benchmarks but also aligns with moral and sustainable principles. This commitment to excellence and obligation units is commendable in the enterprise, reinforcing our reputation as an example in high-quality oil formulations.


MAHATHA PETROLEUM proudly holds ISO 9001:2015 certification permitted through BVCI with UKAS accreditation, signifying our determination to retain stringent first-rate standards. Our dedication to quality starts off with sourcing base oils from renowned refineries and government oil businesses, ensuring the foundation of our products is of the best caliber. Additives, raw materials, and treated chemical substances are sourced completely from ISO-certified producers, in addition enhancing the quality and reliability of our products.

A robust quality assurance plan is embedded inside our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System to enhance product quality and consumer satisfaction. This plan encompasses comprehensive approaches for examining and testing raw materials and overall quality of products, ensuring adherence to strict parameters. We prioritize the identification and traceability of materials at every stage in the manufacturing method, with normal device calibration for additional accuracy. In addition, making use of statistical strategies complements our ability to screen and optimize quality control measures.

Our dedication to quality extends beyond certification; it's included in every aspect of our operations. By adhering to rigorous great warranty protocols and leveraging ISO 9001:2015 standards, MAHATHA PETROLEUM ensures consistency, reliability, and excellence in every product we deliver.


A Wide Range Of Lubricants And Petroleum Products:engin


MAHATHA PETROLEUM the best engine oil manufacturing company offers MAHATHOL LUBE Recommended for lubricating slow and medium speed stage diesel engines


Recommended for irrigation systems and water pumps


Our hydraulic oil suppliers recommended MAHATHOL HYDRO HLP for sophisticated, high performance electro-hydraulic control systems and also used in screw compressors.


The MAHATHOL TURBINE oil from our turbine oil manufacturers lubrication of gas, steam, and hydraulic system


The MAHATHOL TEXSPIN from our spindle oil manufacturers is an ideal option for lubricating excessive-pace spindles employed in fabric turbines and system gear, spindle bearings, timing gears, centrifugal separators, effective displacement blowers, and hydraulic structures of high-precision system tools.


This product is usually recommended for lubricating looms and other textile equipment in which a scourable form of oil is desired.


Recommended for all industrial equipment that uses lubrication structures.


Recommended for all enclosed tools drives with circulation or splash lubrication structures.


These oils are extraordinary cylinder lubricants for high-overall performance reciprocating, rotary, and compressor piston jewelry, valves, etc., at even high working temperatures.


Recommended for excessive vacuum-generating dispersion Pumps.


Recommended for slideway lubrication in planers, grinders, horizontal uninteresting machines, shapers, JIC borers, milling machines, and different precision work system. 


Recommended for lubricating bug gears, cylinder bearings, and sugar mill roll bearings. 


It is usually recommended for centralized lubrication structures of slow-pace spur and helical gears in specific industries and open equipment lubrication by way of the slush pan approach. 


Recommended for open equipment, wire rope and chain power lubrication.


They are suitable for all forging operations and enabling clean die launch.


It is utilized in all sorts of generators, such as multi-curler mills, to lubricate the mill bearings.


These oils find huge use in light and complicated equipment elements like stitching machines, both family and commercial types, lovers, locks, typewriters, bicycles, hand gear and various applications and all kinds of general machinery components


Recommended for a wide variety of refrigeration compressors the use of all traditional refrigerants.


This oil from our EDM oil manufacturers is recommended to enhance the clear out life and improve the electrodes' finish and performance.

MAHATHA PETROLEUM PRIVATE LIMITED stands as a distinguished leader within the petroleum industry, with years of experience in understanding and innovation. Our commitment to excellence is mediated in its advanced processing talents, stringent adherence to quality standards, and a comprehensive range of superior lubricants and petroleum merchandise. MAHATHA PETROLEUM's ISO 9001:2015 certification underscores our unwavering dedication to preserving the best quality across all operations, ensuring customer satisfaction and industry requirements. With a diverse portfolio of specialized products designed for diverse commercial packages, MAHATHA PETROLEUM continues to set benchmarks for excellence and reliability in petroleum processing and lubrication.